We used to call ourselves the best-kept secret in San Diego. Tucked away in the community of Linda Vista, our small, K-6 school is doing big things for children that no other school in the area is doing: offering an immersive bilingual, fitness-focused education that caters to the whole child. 

But the secret is out—our tuition-free Spanish immersion program and commitment to the children of San Diego is being celebrated far and wide thanks to our community focus and strong results. Here’s how Empower Language Academy is innovating education so students from all backgrounds can become successful global citizens–and love school now! 

Leading Healthy Fit Lives

We know that a strong body supports a strong mind. In contrast to traditional schools, we are increasing our time spent in purposeful movement with the goal of building a foundation for lifelong fitness. 

Our highly regarded and highly effective daily CrossFit Kids program increases physical development from Kindergarten all the way through 6th grade. Students love to compete in the challenges and games that support strength, agility, and balance. We are so proud when they reach their goals! 

Empower also offers PE using the California State Physical Education Standards and our very own garden that is planted, grown, and cultivated by our students. What better way to learn about foods that nourish our body than growing them with our own two hands. 

Dual Language Immersion

Bilingualism is highly sought after in today’s job market. Knowledge of a foreign language results in increased pay and job opportunities. We see that bilingualism grows student capacity for empathy and respect for the world’s cultures, as well as critical thinking skills. 

A classroom door at Empower Language Academy with child created images of the earth and animals with a sign that says CUIDALA

As a dual immersion language school, teaching in both Spanish and English, Empower is creating a generation of nimble, flexible communicators. Starting in Kindergarten, our students receive instruction in both languages. We introduce both languages gradually, with up to 80% of each day taught in Spanish. Our credentialed bilingual staff is committed to supporting all learners. 

If you’re looking for more information on how we grow bilingual kids, take a deep dive into the Top 5 Things to Know About our Spanish & English Immersion Program on our blog. 

Powerful Academics

Empower Language Academy is dedicated to small class sizes and intentional curriculum that puts your child at the center of our mission. We believe that to be a leader of tomorrow, students must learn 21st century skills that will help them adapt to a rapidly changing society. 

A classroom door Empower Language Academy decorated with a sign that says Our Home Lets Save It Reuse Recyle and child created art

That’s why we chose inquiry as a central tenet in our academic program. We teach through inquiry units that incorporate art, music, social studies, and science. Technology is woven throughout our units as a tool to help us learn and create. Inquiry (the process of asking and answering questions in increasing depth) is powerful, motivating learning that can’t be undone or forgotten!

Our emphasis on writing develops strong, effective communicators and creative thinkers. Students write across all subjects for authentic, real purposes—and they love it!

Not only do we see our students thriving in our academic programs, but our results prove it. Empower is the highest performing elementary school in Linda Vista, including for all subgroups such as English Learners and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students. We are proud to see our transformative school recognized for its hard work and dedication. 

We can’t keep our success a secret—Empower Language Academy is open to all families throughout San Diego, tuition-free, You can be a part of our vibrant learning community, too. It’s not too late to join us. Make the switch today!

About Empower Language Academy 

Empower Language Academy innovates in immersive dual language learning, fitness and technology to create global citizens. Our holistic approach to Spanish immersion empowers a generation of creative thinkers and effective communicators to lead healthy and fit lifestyles. Our tuition-free public charter school serving grades K-6 is a caring community; providing students from all backgrounds with an educational experience that honors multilingualism, critical thinking, and fitness. Join us in convenient Linda Vista. Enrolling now! 

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