Spanish Immersion

A Spanish Immersion Program will be offered to students in Kindergarten and Grade 1, and expanded each year as our students grow.

Global Leadership: Spanish Immersion Program

  • 80% of parents desire their children to learn a foreign language.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language results in increased pay and job opportunities.
  • Foreign language study promotes multicultural awareness and respect for diversity.
  • Every young child has an inherent desire to communicate, and language introduction and acquisition will be facilitated in a positive and nurturing environment.
  • An 80/20 model of Spanish to English will be used for the kindergarten and first grade levels. Each year after first grade more English will be added so students will develop linguistically and academically in both languages.
  • Students will also be offered a non-immersion option, which includes a Spanish elective for parents who prefer this path to global leadership

Allocation of Instructional Time Per Grade Level


  • Students write daily across content areas to become powerful communicators
  • Writing includes real-life audiences and purposes which makes it authentic to students.
  • When you can write it, you KNOW it! Studies show that putting our learning into writing results in a deeper understanding of the concept being taught.


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