The decision about where to send your child to school is one that we know you don’t take lightly.

You’re reading this, after all.

Our charter petition describes in detail what our school is all about.

Pretty much everything you’d want to know is there. And if you still have questions, we have answers. Send us an email!

You can both view and download our charter petition by clicking the links.

On August 24, 2018, we were proud to deliver the Empower Charter School Renewal Petition to the San Diego Unified School District.

This petition highlights our school’s successes over the first charter term, additions to our program such as the Mandarin language enrichment, and it also demonstrates that Empower is well-positioned financially in the future.

We were honored to also include letters of support from the Linda Vista Planning Group, renowned professor emeritus Dr. Alberto Ochoa, Council Member Sherman, County Supervisor Ron Roberts, the University of San Diego, the California Charter Schools Association, and the Boys and Girls Club.

Empower Charter Renewal Petition 2019-24.

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