Meet Our Exceptional Team!

Empower Charter School teachers are highly qualified, credentialed, and bilingual in English and Spanish.


Demi Brown, Executive Director, Principal   Ron Roberts & Demi

Mrs. Demetria Brown is a native San Diegan who holds a Masters of Teaching with an Emphasis in Language Arts Instruction. Her teaching credentials include a Multiple Subject Clear Credential and Single Subject Authorization in English, and she has taught most grades from Kindergarten to Grade Eight throughout San Diego County.   Mrs. Brown founded Empower Charter School because she simply wanted a school like this to exist for her own children. Now that it does, she is excited to lead Empower through its formative years. In her spare time, Mrs. Brown enjoys spending time with her husband and staying active. Mrs. Brown was a recipient of the ING Unsung Heroes Award in 2014 and recognized for her leadership in biliteracy at the 2016 San Diego County Office of Education’s Annual Dual Language Symposium.

Office Staff

Yanheli Tejeda, Administrative Assistant

Sarai Menjivar, Executive Assistant


Maestro Mendez

Maestra Morales

Maestra Garcia

Maestra Wojciechowski

Maestra Ibarra

Maestra Fletes

Maestro Gonzalez

Maestra Miller

Maestra Medellin

Education Specialist/Resource Teacher

Michelle Fox-Lucas

School Psychologist

Janet Correa

Other Team Members


Coach Rob


Ms. Deyling

Instructional Assistants

Ms. Hernandez

Mr. Aceves

Ms. Velasquez

Community School Coordinator

Daniela Ruiz

Food & Facilities Coordinator

Kimberly Aguayo

Recess Supervisor

Mrs. Hernandez Ruiz

Substitute teacher

Ms. Guzman

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