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Empower Language Academy is helping to raise the next generation of bilingual leaders.


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Join one of the most exciting schools in the San Diego area where your child will get a well-rounded, writing-centered, dual language education like no other.

Empower Language Academy prepares students from kindergarten to sixth grade to compete in a multilingual world via classes taught in Spanish and English with high standards and a top quality curriculum. Empower Language Academy is tuition-free and centrally located in Linda Vista.

Our students get the tools they need to be fluent in both languages while getting positive study skills, a well-rounded education, and support from a dedicated staff. When parents drop their children off at Empower, they know they are in a safe place where they feel at home at a school with a proven track record in providing a strong bilingual education.

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Learn about the 6 steps to enroll at our school!


Complete an enrollment form here.


Attend a Virtual Open House.


We will contact you to let you know your child’s admission status. All children are admitted as space allows.


After admission, a parent or guardian must complete and/or provide all documents required for enrollment in a public school including but not limited to immunization records, proof of residency, birth certificate, the release of records, emergency medical information form, and a home language survey.


After admission, for parents enrolling their child in the dual-language immersion program, the school will conduct small group informational meetings. The meeting will explain what to expect from a child learning in two languages and will provide strategies to support the child. Many different appointment times will be offered to accommodate a wide range of schedules.


After admission, the student and the parents must sign statements indicating that they are familiar with and agree to abide by all policies and procedures set forth in the Parent and Student Handbooks.

Read our FAQs

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What are the age requirements to enroll?

For the 2023-24 school year, children are eligible for transitional kindergarten if they turn 5 by April 2nd, 2024.

Will you serve my child with special needs?

Yes, we are a public school! We will work with you to provide the support your child needs to receive an education.

How much does it cost to attend Empower?

Empower is a public school! There is no cost to attend our school.

Are Empower teachers credentialed?

Yes! All of our teachers are highly-qualified and hold teacher credentials.

Do you offer a before/after school program?

We offer a free before-school program at 7 a.m. We also offer a free after-school program. Children attending the after-school program can be picked up anytime before 6 p.m.

How does the Spanish Immersion program work?

When students start with us in kindergarten and first grade, 80% of their day is in Spanish with 20% English. Each year after that, students receive 10% more English and 10% less Spanish with fourth through sixth grade splitting their days evenly between English and Spanish instruction.

How can I support my child if he/she receives homework in Spanish?

Regardless of the language homework is assigned in, the purpose of homework is to give students a chance to practice independently. If you are finding that your child is having difficulty with homework, please let their teacher know so that it can be modified/adapted at a level that your child can be successful. Empower will also offer parents resources to help with homework, including the option for your child to attend an after-school program.

My child is enrolled in the Spanish Immersion program, will the teacher communicate with me in English if needed?

Yes! Most parent/teacher conferences don’t involve the child, and the teacher will communicate in English. The teacher will try to limit conversations in English held in front of the child.

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