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CrossFit Kids Fitness

CrossFit Kids Fitness Program:

  • A fun and safe fitness program that addresses a variety of fitness domains: strength, aerobic, gymnastic
  • Exercise is scalable to individual needs and occurs regularly.

Healthy school environment

  1. Healthy school lunch choices
  2. School garden
  3. Parent Education:
  4. Nutritional Education
  5. Recipes
  6. Cooking Classes
  7. Field trips to grocery stores


Character Education

Character education is an important component in creating a collaborative learning environment.

    Having a sense of camaraderie – cheering each other on as we finish workouts-  helps students build a sense of community that will help them achieve their fitness and academic goals.

    Empower Charter School students learn about core values like integrity, responsibility, and respect through classroom and school-wide activities.

    Goal-Setting- both academic and fitness – take place regularly.



    What Parents are Saying

    Empower Language Academy was an an easy choice for us to make. The class sizes are smaller than average. The fitness program was one of the best options in San Diego in our opinion. Our student is worn out at the end of each day. Empower fosters a wonderful community even though this isn’t a “neighborhood school.” Students come from all over the city to be educated here. We consider ourselves lucky to be part of the Empower family. Now that they have found their forever home, we are even more pleased to watch the school continue to do great things for their families.”

    My children love their school and teachers. I appreciate that they incorporate mindfulness and have an emphasis on health and fitness. And my kids are bilingual! We love Empower!!”

    I love that communication is open between the parents and the school staff. I know the people that work with both of my kids. It truly is a community that is helping raise my kids. My kids are bringing home amazing grades, memories, and experience that they can only get at a school with teachers that legitimately care for them. The teachers never cease to amaze me!”

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