Empower Charter School CrossFit



CrossFit Kids Fitness Program:

  • A fun and safe fitness program that addresses a variety of fitness domains: strength, aerobic, gymnastic
  • Exercise is scalable to individual needs and occurs regularly.


  • Healthy school lunch choices
  • Healthy school environment
  • School garden
  • Parent Education:
    • Nutritional Education
    • Recipes
    • Cooking Classes
    • Field trips to grocery stores

Character Education

Character education is an important component in creative a collaborative learning environment.

Having a sense of camaraderie – cheering each other on as we finish workouts-  helps students build a sense of community that will help them achieve their fitness and academic goals.

Empower Charter School students learn about core values like integrity, responsibility, and respect through classroom and school-wide activities.

Goal-Setting- both academic and fitness – take place regularly.

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