At Empower Language Academy, you’ll find that we have a unique dual vision: we believe that all children deserve the chance to develop a lifelong love of fitness and the opportunity to learn a new language. In a time when school budgets are forced to cut “non-essential” learning, we have responded with an even stronger commitment to physical fitness and language learning to develop healthy, well-rounded students.

Another unique trait of our school is our K-6 student body. We keep our students for a bonus year of elementary school because we believe that 6th graders benefit from the small, close knit environment a homeroom classroom provides. We aim to make the transition to middle school easier by preparing students for the challenges of a new school and social environment when their brains are developmentally ready. Our 6th graders get personalized attention from a teacher and don’t have to worry about switching classes or jumping into a new school. They get a little extra time to develop their language and fitness skills while enjoying “life at the top of the school”, as they practice leadership skills with the younger students in our K-6 building.

Language at All Ages

The research on learning a new language confirms what we know: young children’s brains are primed and ready to take on multiple languages. No matter the age our students join us at Empower Language Academy, we see incredible growth thanks to our holistic Spanish and English immersion program that takes a gradual approach to learning a language and leaves no one behind. We view both languages as a strength and provide scaffolded instruction to support all children on their way to bilingualism. 

It may seem daunting to start school in a new language, but our bilingual teachers are skilled at supporting and nurturing new language skills for every student. We all know what it’s like to work in two (or more!) languages, which is why new students at Empower Language Academy are met with empathy and understanding. Each new student is paired up with a language partner to help navigate the new school and language. It’s a partnership that supports both students, with the more experienced student practicing compassion and leadership skills and the new student receiving help from an understanding peer.

Fitness For Life

We know that a strong body supports a strong mind. Our highly regarded Cross Fit Kids program increases physical development from Kindergarten all the way through 6th grade. Our students love to compete in the challenges and games that support physical strength, agility, and balance. 

In addition, our dedicated teachers incorporate California’s physical education standards into their teaching. Our commitment to exercise gets endorphins pumping and burns up extra energy during the day so children are ready to learn when back in the classroom. It’s a win/win for everyone that creates a well rounded approach to health and wellness for life!

Empower Language Academy young student smiles at the camera while outside

Learning at All Levels

We recognize and support the individuality of the students who join us at Empower Language Academy. We welcome students at all levels and with all needs and provide the necessary support. Our Education Specialist provides push-in or pull-out academic support and services with the support of Instructional Assistants in the classroom. Additionally, we are able to offer speech and occupational therapy, as well as Adaptive PE. We embrace all children where they are and help get them where they need to be. 

Join our school to experience for yourself how our caring school community provides students from all backgrounds with an educational experience that honors multilingualism, critical thinking, and fitness. 

About Empower Language Academy 

Empower Language Academy innovates in immersive dual language learning, fitness and technology to create global citizens. Our holistic approach to Spanish immersion empowers a generation of creative thinkers and effective communicators to lead healthy and fit lifestyles. Our tuition-free public charter school serving grades K-6 is a caring community; providing students from all backgrounds with an educational experience that honors multilingualism, critical thinking, and fitness. Join us in convenient Linda Vista. Enrolling now! 

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