Mind, muscle and heart is the mantra of Empower Language Academy, a free public language immersion school that serves students from Kindergarten to 6th grade.

Our mantra encompasses everything we emphasize: learning & academics, growth & fitness, health & physical education, social & emotional health, community and more. We are a thriving tuition-free public charter school located in Linda Vista, teaching Spanish immersion to both native English and native Spanish speakers alike.  We use our mantra as a  check and balance system; it’s as a constant reminder to always educate our students holistically.
Student learning through art at Empower Language Academy

MINDset of Empower Language Academy

Growing, expanding, and challenging the MINDS of our students academically and creatively, is at the forefront of goals for Empower Language Academy. Our comprehensive academics programs produce “a-ha” moments for students everyday.
We are a two-way immersion school: half are native English speakers and half are native Spanish speakers. All students learn and thrive together. While the language immersion is gradual, our process is extremely effective and empowering. Having more language skills means they will be able to effectively communicate and connect to the broader community. Diversifying communication abilities early also prepares students for success in secondary education and throughout their lives.
At Empower Language Academy our innovative learning programs are mostly inquiry-based and project-based. Instructors infuse technology and arts into the curriculum wherever possible. Our collaborative learning processes build strong communication skills at an early age.

Flexing Our Muscles

We feel physical education and healthy habits are an important components to our students’ growth. Our community gardens give our students the opportunity for (literal) hands-on participation. They plant, tend and grow their own fruits and veggies…while learning along the way. We even have a fruit or vegetable of the month! We complement this with healthy choices in our school’s cafeteria.
Children at Empower Language Academy strengthening their bodies and their minds
Along with the physical benefits of exercise, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says “Students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance (e.g., concentration, memory), and classroom behaviors (e.g., on-task behavior)*.” At Empower Language Academy our students participate in CrossFit Kids classes in addition to Physical Education classes and recess. The CrossFit Kids program focuses on gymnastics, strength training and aerobic activity to give our students a well-rounded fitness routine.

Giving It All Our HEART

Faculty at Empower Language Academy showing their hearts
We put our hearts into our school. Students, teachers and parents alike are all part of the tight-knit community we have created. We are a family here at Empower Language Academy. Students are never a number to us. All of our faculty knows each of our kids. No one gets lost. No one gets forgotten. No one is ignored. We show up everyday for the love of teaching these inspiring minds. We try to tend to all aspects of our student’s growth, including their social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Join our growing family! Enrolling now for the 2021-2022 school year.

About Empower Language Academy 

Empower Language Academy innovates in immersive dual language learning, fitness and technology to create global citizens. Our holistic approach to Spanish immersion empowers a generation of creative thinkers and effective communicators to lead healthy and fit lifestyles. Our tuition-free public charter school serving grades K-6 is a caring community; providing students from all backgrounds with an educational experience that honors multilingualism, critical thinking, and fitness. Join us in convenient Linda Vista. Enrolling now!

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