Our school-wide mantra, Mind, Muscles, and Heart, defines our days at Empower Language Academy. Every component of our robust program, from the curriculum we choose to the interactions we have with each other, is driven by this philosophy. Coupled with our stellar academic and dual immersion programs, as well as our dynamic CrossFit Kids program, character education at Empower Language Academy helps grow young hearts right alongside their minds and muscles. 

At Empower Language Academy, we take every opportunity to infuse character education into our day because we know that lasting learning is authentic and connected to real-world experiences.

It’s no secret that we love CrossFit Kids for more than just physical education. Our students set goals, push their physical limits, and take safe, calculated risks in our CrossFit Kids program to develop discipline, grit, and increased self-confidence. Our CrossFit games teach students about fairness and encourage them to cheer each other on toward their goals. We can’t think of a better way to learn the fundamentals of collaboration and teamwork than by working with others toward a common goal.

Equally, our Dual Immersion Language program teaches children how to push through uncertainty and discomfort. Our bilingual students become powerful, effective communicators, a trait essential to the leaders of tomorrow. And, by developing their language skills, students open their hearts and minds to ideas and people. Our Language Partner Program fosters empathy and respect for one another, as a student fluent in one language offers support to another student new to that language.  

We are proud of our school garden that grows healthy fruits and vegetables and also our students who show responsibility for tending the garden, patience as they wait for seeds to turn into edible produce, and appreciation for the resources and time that goes into we eat. And, we have the added benefit of awarding classroom dollars to our students for their hard work to buy their vegetables to eat. Students are so proud of the things they grow!

At the heart of our academic program is inquiry-based learning. We teach through thematic units that incorporate art, music, social studies, and science, with writing serving as a bridge between all the subject areas. Inquiry provides students the opportunity to ask questions, seek answers, and remain curious. Small group learning encourages students to problem solve, collaborate and think critically about issues.

Finally, our commitment to the hearts of our young students shines most brightly when we focus on service to our school and the greater community. As a school, we model giving to our community and provide opportunities for our future leaders to engage in creating positive community change through events like our virtual Jog-a-Thon. We are still working toward that goal of $50,000 to get Ms. Brown to shave her head, but we have been honored to receive the 2021 Community Impact Award by the California Charter Schools Association for serving our community. 

Everyone wins when we lead with heart at Empower Language Academy.  Come join us and watch your child grow into his or her best self.

About Empower Language Academy 

Empower Language Academy innovates in immersive dual language learning, fitness, and technology to create global citizens. Our holistic approach to Spanish immersion empowers a generation of creative thinkers and effective communicators to lead healthy and fit lifestyles. Our tuition-free public charter school serving grades K-6 is a caring community; providing students from all backgrounds with an educational experience that honors multilingualism, critical thinking, and fitness. Join us in convenient Linda Vista. Enrolling now!

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