Grades 5 and 6 at Empower

A student-focused approach to upper elementary grades

Small Class Sizes.
Individualized Learning.

Empower Language Academy has announced plans for grades 5 and 6 for the 2022-23 school year that will offer small class sizes with dedicated teachers for each grade level. A focus on individualized learning at the higher grades combines with our culture of multilingualism and multiculturalism to provide a strong educational foundation for all students before they enter middle school.

We aim to offer a choice for families to decide the best environment for their students. Unlike most school options in San Diego, we offer a TK-6 experience, allowing our sixth graders to remain in an elementary school setting. This gives them a chance to be leaders and role models instead of what can be a more intimidating experience at a larger middle school.

Studies show that there are benefits to housing sixth grade in an elementary school environment including:

  • Fewer behavioral problems than sixth graders in a middle school environment.
  • Higher average test scores than sixth graders in a middle school environment.
  • The ability to be the oldest in a school building instead of the youngest, leading to leadership opportunities.
  • Small class sizes, and a tight knit school community compared to large middle schools.

*Source – Public School Review – “Should Sixth Grade Be in Elementary School or Middle School?”

Student posing in graduation gown

“My daughter has been at Empower since the school started, and has loved every moment of it. The staff have created an environment filled with kindness and respect. They build a sense of family and belonging for each and every one of their students and their families. They do an amazing job of teaching them, not only a second language, but also how to be healthy and to thrive, with optimism and encouragement along the way.”

- Empower parent

New to Spanish Immersion?

Students entering fifth or sixth who haven’t had a Spanish immersion background will find a welcoming environment to transition into our programming. Math is taught in English and our approach builds skills in both English and Spanish so students can join us without a strong foundation in Spanish and get a deeper language experience that will give them essential skills.

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